C L E A N I N G  R O C K S  A N D 
R O A D  
2020 - Ongoing

Based on a former mining community in northern Norway, the exhibition “Cleaning Rocks and Road Signs” examines the effects of the clash between capitalism and nature, and takes a closer look at what and who is shaping our collective history. The exhibition address the global challenges around the mining industry, colonialism, pollution and mental health, as well as examine how historical and social memory is preserved, changed, influenced and limited by cultural institutions and archives. By collecting, deconstructing and interpreting information collected from various sources, Røe explores the boundaries between fact and fiction and constructs her own interpretation of historical and personal narratives.

This is a 3 minute excerpt / video documentation of an installation at KODE, Bergen. The work consists of a slide projection with 79 photographs and a 7 minute 30 second sound piece.
Installation shots from the solo exhibition "Cleaning Rocks and Road Signs" at Galleri Blunk, Trondheim. 
30. April - 2. May, 2021.

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